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Ohio City Burrito

1 Feb

OCB- Ohio City Burrito

Hello again, Blog-world! It’s been a couple days since I last wrote, and I’m excited to share my most recent tasty adventure with you all!

Yesterday was my birthday. I had the day off and went to explore the new Greater Cleveland Aquarium. It was totally awesome, and I can’t say enough that all of you should go! I spent hours there! Most people get through in an hour and a half, me on the other hand, I was there for 4 hours. The only reason I left was because I had to get back home to my dog.

On the way home from the aquarium I stopped in Ohio City on West 25th St for some food and a little sun. Even though it was the last day of January in Cleveland, Ohio, it was almost 60 degrees out!! And, sunny!!!!

I went to a little slice of Cleveland heaven know as OCB- Ohio City Burrito. It is a locally owned Burrito-house that serves made from scratch foods in an eccentric environment. They have lots of fun art on display and offer a selection of fine Mexican sodas. I had never been there before. I have wanted to go for a while, because all I ever heard were great things about the place. OCB definitely lived up to the hype! It was amazing!

I didn’t get a burrito, but instead had them fill a bowl. I had rice, black beans, carnitas (pork), homemade pico de gallo and guacamole, all topped with cheese. I loved the fact that the order came with guacamole, unlike most places, which charge extra. The black beans were not all gooey and covered in sauce, but instead were washed and served simple. The carnitas were very tender and mild. I did not get anything really spicy, but there was a lot of flavor, excellent flavor. All together it was one of my favorite burrito-house experiences!

May your day be filled with warm fuzzies- Peace!

West 25th St. Ohio City- Cleveland, OH

Burrito Bowl